Become A Distributor

Westech Seal, Inc.™ is expanding into additional domestic and international markets. The ideal distributor will have experience in mechanical seals and pump operations with the skills and/or capability to repair and assemble seals locally. The distributor should have established contacts with industrial, municipal, and chemical pump users. The distributor must be willing to carry a mutually agreed upon inventory of the most popular seals.

Westech Seal, Inc.™ grants a discount (commission) to distributors from our recommended or suggested list prices. A limited open account with terms of net 30 days will be established for domestic distributors with excellent international credit rating. International distributor’s credit rating will be verified by the Export-Import Bank of the Unites States.

It is company policy, when selecting a representative in an area or country, to work with the distributor on an “ad hoc” (case by case) basis for a period of time to determine our suitability with one another. The period of time will be more specific in a letter following review of information we have gathered. It would be our intent to enter into a written, mutually exclusive territorial agreement if the relationship proves to be mutually profitable. Eventually, we will have an exclusive representative in many countries, and Westech Seal wishes to be the representative’s exclusive seal supplier.

Distributor Locations

Our independent distributors cover a vast area domestically as well as international. We maintain an office in Kuwait to cover distributors in the Middle East. If you are an end user and need assistance in finding a distributor close to you please contact us.