About Our Products

Carbon Bushing

We are fervently committed to quality and fast turn around. We understand that even the best machinery and tooling is only as good as the people running it. We are committed to outperforming the OEMS. If the requested seal is in inventory we will ship the same day. Fabricated and custom parts and assemblies may take from one day to several weeks. Flatness of every seal face is confirmed before shipment. Our workmanship is guaranteed as we not only meet OEM specifications, but many times exceed them. Parts are carefully inspected before they are packaged and shipped.

Product Development and Rapid Prototyping

Carbon Bushing To meet customer specific applications, Westech utilizes the latest in CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping. This helps us to meet your needs in a timely manner with the right product. Our rapid prototyping capability allows us to manufacture one or several hundred ABS plastic components specifically to your requirements in a matter of hours.

Inventory Consolidation Program

This is a very successful and effective program we have implemented with end users to reduce waste in inventory and the ordering of replacement seals. The objective is to optimize inventory utilizing cross compatibility of seal types and materials. There are several steps in the evaluation, but we typically find that most process facilities have more than twelve months of inventory. Even the most exotic seal should have a lead time of no more than six weeks. Some customers have been determined to have as much as 36 months of inventory. Summing up… Westech Seal, Inc.™ can help you and your customer save downtime and money by helping you: